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Paneer Bhurji (or Paneer Bhujia) is a popular North India dish, which is a quick, delicious and one of the best paneer dishes of scrambled Indian cottage cheese in tomato onion masala and spices. The touch of capsicum (a kind of pepper) in this Punjabi style altogether gives a refreshing taste to the dish.

Delicious Paneer Bhurji is served with roti, paratha, bread or as a side in a meal. It can also be used as a stuffing to make sandwiches and wraps.

Name: Sharmajee
Address: Girgaon Chowpatty, Mumbai
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/x5JxYkQurRpfXdPF6
Open: Every day of the week, 11:00 – 22:00
1. Pav-bhaji – Rs. 80/-
2. Double butter pav-bhaji – Rs. 90/-
3. Khada pav-bhaji – Rs. 100/-
4. Jain cheese khada pa-bhaji – Rs. 110/-
5. Vegetable cheese pizza – Rs. 100/-
6. Baby-corn cheese pizza – Rs. 130/-

Delicious Paneer Bhurji recipe | How to make Paneer Bhurji – Indian Street Food

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