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Meetha Paan, made of betel leaves filled with a range of sweet jam-like spreads and crunchy titbits like tutti-frutti, cherries is a delightful treat to munch on and a very effective mouth freshener.
Young generations mostly prefer this type of paan.
Name: Mamaji Paanwala
Address: Kings Circle, Matunga West, Mumbai
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/kPjtgnaS6sSw9d6HA
Open: Every day of the week 07:00 – 22:00
1. Meetha paan- Rs.25
2. Saada paan- Rs.20
3. Navratan paan- Rs.30
4. Gulkand paan- Rs.30
5. Popat paan- Rs.30

A 60 Year Old PAAN Shop Runs By Two Brothers – Indian Street Food

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